Our Menu

We have developed a very comprehensive menu over the years, which our chef continue to refine. We offer a large selection of Jamaican specialties and recommend a look at our menu.







We offer you the best Jamaican cooking has to offer in Atlanta: a wide range of carefully prepared, and slowly cooked dishes, as well as a large selection of exotic drinks waiting to be discovered by you.


We would like to recommend our specialties:

Jerk Chicken
Jerk means Jamaican barbecue. This well rounded flavor of sweet, hot, herbal and spicy chicken can be served with rice, beans or by itself with our signature JMK jerk sauce.


Oxtail originally meant the tail of an ox. Braised oxtail is one of Jamaica's favourite dishes. Prepared carefully using selected blends of spices and herbs will help you experience or recreate the rich flavor of the authentic taste of Jamaican oxtail.

Curry Goat

Tender young goat meat simmered on the bone in rich curry gravy served with white rice or our delicious rice and peas.

Stew Chicken

Fryer chicken simmered on the bone with aromatic vegetables in rich brown gravy served with our delicious rice and peas.

Steam Fish

Whole snapper with okra & shredded vegetable in a light & spicy tomato sauce.